Marley Coffee Bike

An exciting option for BikeCaffe buyers, and as memorable as your favorite Bob Marley song.

Stir it up today and order a Marley Coffee Bike for your business.

Starting at $33,500.00

BikeCaffe Coffee Bike

Features & Overview

While the Bob Marley legend lives on, one love that is quickly growing is the love for our Marley Branded Coffee Bikes. Music and coffee fans alike will cherish the brand experience of ordering their favorite coffee drink, all while taking in the familiar Marley sights and sounds. 

Our Marley Coffee Bikes are fully equipped and provides operators with the full operational function of our standard BikeCaffe Coffee Bikes. So, rest assured the Marley Coffee Bike can serve the same menu and profits, and customers will no longer be waiting in vain for the unique Marley Coffee experience.

Also on board is a mighty Blendtec Commercial Blender in a silencing enclosure that is sure to please even the most discriminating blended coffee or smoothie lovers palette.


Our Marley Coffee Bike comes complete with everything AND the kitchen sink. A true marvel in space utilization, you will be amazed at what we managed to skillfully include on a rolling coffee cafe.

Without sharing our secrets, here is a list of the equipment and items included with a typically equipped Coffee Bike:

  • State of the Art Italian Espresso Lever Machine (to press espresso the way it was intended)
  • Smoothie Preparation Equipment
  • Electric Refrigerator
  • 1 Compartment, Covered Ice Bin
  • 6 Gallon Hot Water Heater
  • Hand Wash Sink w/ hot & cold running water
  • Fresh Water Tank
  • Waste Water Tank
  • 4 110v (or your local mains power) outlets (to power the BikeCaffe and charge your mobile!)
  • Water Pump
  • Syrup Speedrail Rack
  • Interchangeable Menu Boards
  • In- Counter Programmable Blender
  • Removable custom branded canopy
  • Geared Hub System - for effortless riding

Fully equipped to operate indoors or 100% portable using gas and inverted electric power, our Coffee Bike is like no other mobile enterprise.


Popular Coffee Bike Option & Upgrades:

  • Cargo Trailer (unbranded) $4,400.00
  • Location Services $2,500.00
  • Electric Motor - Motor & Controller $1,000.00
  • Electric Battery - Lead $375.00
  • Electric Battery - Lithium $875.00
  • Electric Battery - Lithium Magnesium $1,250.00
  • BlendTec Commercial In-Counter Blender $597.00
  • BlendTec In-Counter Blender Sound Enclosure $169.00
  • Crating Services (per unit) $750.00
  • International Voltage Converter $295.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Freezer $475.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Refrigerator $425.00
  • LED Lighting - Installed $400.00
  • LED Lighting - Self Install $212.50

Model Pricing

Partner Branded

Delivered complete with BikeCaffe Marley Branded Panels.

Menu Board art files provided for local design and production.


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